Scooterpeg for Schools

Scooters are a great way for kids to get to and from school and their popularity is growing every day especially with keeping active and sustainable transport increasingly on the agenda. This does, however, create a storage issue for many schools, with traditional solutions proving expensive and taking up valuable space. Scooterpeg understands how precious playground space is for our children, and with brilliant discount rates for schools and nurseries, we’ve made the smarter, space saving option, also the affordable one.

We also offer schools/PTA's a fundraising opportunity - sell Scooterpegs to parents at full price, and the school/PTA makes the difference. See the chart below for our discount scale.

  • We supply you with marketing information so you can promote Scooterpeg and the fundraising scheme to the school
  • Decide what price you would like to sell to parents at and take orders
  • You submit your order = parent order + any the school would like to buy
  • We sell them all to you at the discounted price (see chart below) and the school/PTA makes the difference


We're also happy to split an order - put in your school order first, and if you want to do a second fundraising/PTA order, we'll take the first order into account and apply a retrospective discount (we'll also offer this the other way around, if you want to do a PTA order first)

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  • Space saving
  • Stylish design
  • Simple to use, especially for kids
  • Suitable for use both indoors and out
  • Reduces trip risks
  • Cost effective solution – bulk discounts for nurseries and schools
  • Available in four bright colours
  • Made from durable PPE
  • Only solution of its kind on the market

Already installed at:

  • St.Mary’s Primary, Wimbledon
  • Witley Primary, Godalming
  • The Conservatoire, Blackheath
  • Tot’s Landing, Wimbledon
  • Eddie Catz, Earlsfield
  • Under1Roof, Woolwich
  • Bluebell Cottage Nursery, Kensington
  • Our Lady of Victories Primary, Wandsworth