FAQ's (everything you've ever wanted to know about Scooterpegs but were afraid to ask)

How does Scooterpeg work?

Scooterpeg works by gripping the handle of a scooter, allowing it to hang against a wall. 

Which scooters does Scooterpeg work with?

Scooterpeg works  best with tilt-and-turn scooters and with most brands, provided the handle fits into the aperture and they weigh less than 15kg.

What weight does a Scooterpeg support?

A Scooterpeg will take up to 15kg in weight - enough for a scooter, shoes and helmet. What it won't support however is a child hanging off it. Just as you wouldn't let your kids swing from the coathooks, don't let them pull on or hang off the Scooterpeg!

Where can I install my Scooterpeg?

Inside or outside, anywhere with a flat enough surface, and room for the scooter to hang. It comes supplied with high quality fixings for brick/masonry walls, but if you have plasterboard walls, or original lathe and plaster walls you will need to use a different kind of fixing. We wanted to have options but it got too complicated! Take the peg into your local hardware or DIY store and ask them to recommend a suitable product.

Are there any discounts for buying more than one?

From time to time we may put a cheeky offer code up! Keep an eye on our facebook page

Do you offer business discounts?

Yes, we offer great discount rates on large orders for schools, nurseries, soft play, cafes etc.  Please contact us on hello@scooterpeg.co.uk for more details. 

Will you be doing more colours?

As well as our core range in bubblegum pink, brighton blue, sunshine yellow and fake grass green, we also have a limited edition range of more 'grown up' colours - limestone (white), cornish slate (dark grey) and regency blue (grey blue)

We'll trial new colours from time to time and are always interested to hear about colours you'd like to see

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, and we've had orders from as far afield as Australia, Japan, and the USA!

What do you charge for shipping?:

We have flat rates for the UK (£3.45) and Europe (£4.85) and then order based pricing for the world zones based on the Royal Mail's postage zones, handily explained in our little graphic below.

Zone 1: 1-5 £5.35, 6+ £9.85

Zone 2: 1-5 £6.35, 6+ £11.85

If you have a large order, please contact us on hello@scooterpeg.co.uk for bulk and shipping discounts

And from time to time we do free shipping on all UK orders!

I bought a Scooterpeg but can't see it on my bank statement...

Our trading name is Class of 84 Ltd so that's what you'll see on your bank statement or paypal account