About Us

Danielle and Becca first met at primary school in 1977, the same vintage year that Star Wars came out, Fleetwood Mac's seminal 'Rumours' album was released and Red Rum won a record third Grand National.

We have shared memories of playing conkers, British Bulldog and kiss chase, although not scooters because back then they weren't really a thing. Danielle lived opposite school and was always late and Becca always had messy hair, much to her mother's exasperation.

After losing touch once we left and went to different schools, we were reunited via social media, discovering we were living only a mile apart and with small children of similar ages. Danielle is now fiendishly prompt. Becca still has messy hair, although her mother has given up caring.

Scooterpeg came about following a trip to A&E for a badly sprained wrist, as a result of tripping over a scooter in the hall.  Fed up of the daily obstacle course across the scooters, shoes, bags, balls, bikes and helmets we wanted to find a scooter storage solution to keep the clutter out of the way. You can get a boot rack and a bike rack, why not one for a scooter? It's a simple but brilliant solution to keeping scooters off the floor and out of the way, and we're pretty proud of it.

We're also proud to be able to say that Scooterpeg is British designed and made. It is also currently Patent Pending.


Scooterpeg is made and distributed in the UK by Class of 84 Ltd. We'd like to thank:

Idea Reality, for quite literally bringing our idea to reality


Our manufacturers, Hymid Multi-Shot, down in sunny Devon


For marketing design and print duties