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Scooterpegs in the wild! (at It's a Kids Thing in Earlsfield actually)

September 18, 2015 Becca Lalonde

Some of our pegs have gone up at It's a Kids Thing in Earlsfield! When it's busy the buggy park gets seriously overcrowded, and scooters can add to that chaos, so the pegs will help make a bit more space for everything to fit in. Scooterpegs are a pretty good solution for any high-street business that has lots of family traffic. Where those big bulky racks don't fit, or aren't really necessary, a couple of scooterpegs can be a brilliant addition to keep tables and aisles clear (for customers and servers!) come morning coffee times or weekend family lunch rushes. ...

Fade to Grey

September 14, 2015 Becca Lalonde

Our limited edition grey shade has proved to be one of the most popular colours, and we're down to our last 20 or so. Choosing the colours was a hard job, there are thousands of shades to go for and we spent hours poring over a pantone swatch book. If it was possible we'd have had a whole rainbow, but we had to limit ourselves to four for our first production run, and we've been surprised at what's been the most popular. Whilst blue and pink are equally chosen, yellow has been consistently a solid seller. We think it not...

Fit for a princess

September 14, 2015 Becca Lalonde

We've just had our first review and it's from the very discerning Alex at Princess and the Pram. Clearly a lady of very selective and very good taste, she went for the interior chic friendly Christian Grey shade to go with her grown up hallway. She's in good company because it's our biggest seller. We're pleased to hear it gets her royal seal of approval.

Suitable for pets?

August 04, 2015 Becca Lalonde

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer holidays. Here's a dog pushing a cat on a scooter (and why not?!) Now if they can just teach him to hang it up afterwards...

Nobody puts Scooterpeg in the corner

June 15, 2015 Becca Lalonde

who knew Scooterpeg had so many uses? what a star...