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We're Prime, baby

May 10, 2016 Becca Lalonde

So not only are Scooterpegs now available on Amazon, but they also qualify for Amazon Prime on orders of over £20 (including other stuff as well as Scooterpegs, obvs) So if you're in a huge hurry and want your Scooterpegs next day, you now can.

You can now buy Scooterpeg at MicroScooter UK and SkateHut!

April 18, 2016 Becca Lalonde

Exciting news for us (and you) as you can now buy Scooterpeg when you buy a new scooter! We're stocked on both and

Save Our Soles (and toes)

March 08, 2016 Becca Lalonde

Is there anything more excruciating than a stubbed toe? Saving our poor little tooties was one of the reasons we invented Scooterpeg. As a parent your feet take a bit of a bashing and as well as scooter rolling around in the hall, no culprit is more guilty than that innocent looking imagination-fueling little plastic brick - yeah, we're looking at you LEGO....  

Tough Mudder for Scooters?

March 04, 2016 Becca Lalonde

Extreme sports are all the rage at the moment, with triathlon the fastest growing sport in the UK and Iron Man becoming ever more popular. Tough Mudder is one of these - not just a race but a muddy obstacle course - so it's good to see that the kids can join in too. Not sure if these two are going to win a race but they'd get a medal for the 'mud' bit!

A whiter shade of pale

March 04, 2016 Becca Lalonde

Our elegant Christian Grey Scooterpeg has been a top seller and since it went out of stock we've had lots of enquiries about when he's coming back. Well he will be soon, along with a couple of friends too, and we'd like you to help us decide which colours we should produce next. Please comment below or email us at and let us know what you'd like to see...