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Inspiration for small spaces

July 22, 2016 Becca Lalonde

Don't Cramp Our Style is a brilliant interior design blog focussing on making the most of small spaces with lots of great ideas for little living areas, tiny kitchens, incy bedrooms and weeny bathrooms, and so unsurprisingly they like our little space (and sanity) saving Scooterpegs.

They're here...

June 03, 2016 Becca Lalonde

We were sorry to see the last of a certain Mr.Grey, and it seems so was everyone else because we are regularly asked when we're doing a new set of adult friendly colours. So here, by popular demand, is our new range of grown-up colours. In muted tones that will go with your ElleDec-worthy hall, we have off white - Limestone, an elegant blue grey - Regency blue, and a lovely dark grey - Cornish Slate. And if you order now you also qualify for our June offer of Free P&P all month!

The Brit Pack - supporting British Brands

May 23, 2016 Becca Lalonde

As we mentioned in our last post, being able to say 'Made In The UK' is something that's important to us, and it's clearly something that matters to lots of other businesses too. We've just been invited to be part of a new initiative called 'The Brit Pack' which promotes childrens and family brands that feature homegrown talent and industry. Businesses that are not only based in the UK, but that make their products here too. We think it's a great idea and we're proud to be part of The Brit Pack. Take a look at the website to find...

Proudly Made in the UK

May 23, 2016 Becca Lalonde

When we first looked at manufacturing Scooterpeg, people asked if we'd be getting it made in China. That does have it's benefits however for us, it was important to be able to say 'Made in the UK'. It's where we're from, where our product designers Idea Reality are, and there is a well established and thriving manufacturing base in the UK. For us it means, faster response time, a higher degree of quality control, better communication (we don't speak mandarin!), but first and foremost it was important to us to support our home nation. As a result, we're now listed...

Scooterpeg is shortlisted for a 2016 Design Week Award!

May 11, 2016 Becca Lalonde

We're extremely excited to reveal that Scooterpeg has been shortlisted for a prestigious Design Week award, in the consumer products category. From the outset, we didn't want to just make something functional, we wanted it to be a good looking object - something that not only did it's singular job perfectly, but that also looked cool too, that was well designed in both form and function. Seeing the highly respected company we're in amongst the other entrants, not just in our category, but across all 19 categories, we really are hugely proud to be on the shortlist, that showcases the...