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Donald knows what to do with the wall

January 20, 2017 Becca Lalonde

Hang a scooter on it! The new POTUS takes the unpresidented step of endorsing our tremedous product - it's not overrated, it's really, really great. It's the best.  Hang your scooters on the wall (paid for by Mexico) off the floor and out of the way. BOOM! You're hired!

Tough Mudder for Scooters?

March 04, 2016 Becca Lalonde

Extreme sports are all the rage at the moment, with triathlon the fastest growing sport in the UK and Iron Man becoming ever more popular. Tough Mudder is one of these - not just a race but a muddy obstacle course - so it's good to see that the kids can join in too. Not sure if these two are going to win a race but they'd get a medal for the 'mud' bit!