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The Edit is *THE* place to be seen for cool interiors products (like us...)

November 17, 2016 Becca Lalonde

When we were working on making Scooterpeg a reality, one of the priortiies was to make sure it looked really cool. We knew that this would be going up in people's homes, and that how things look, as well as how they work, is important, so getting Scooterpeg to look as slick and funky as possible was high on our list of requirements. Which is why we were super excited to see Scooterpeg featured in the pages of The Sunday Times Homes section - The Edit, curated by the brilliant Katrina Burroughs no less. We know people take their interiors...

A long time ago...

January 14, 2016 Becca Lalonde

Or actually, rather recently (christmas was only last month) Did your kids get new scooters? Is the hall now a battleground between evil clutter and light and space? Well now there's a new hope for keeping your space clear. Scooterpeg. No force required.

Like scooterpegs all in a row, row, row

October 01, 2015 Becca Lalonde

Scooters are pretty much the mode of transport du jour for the school run in our neck of the woods. It certainly makes the journey quicker and easier although I occasionally do feel a bit sorry for the unlucky pedestrian who has to be pretty nimble on their feet to avoid being mown down by a horde of determined 5 year olds (they did do scooter training at the school this week so hopefully that'll be a less frequent occurance) An consequence of this is that our school certainly doesn't have enough storage to cope with all the scooters that get ridden in on...