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October 01, 2015 Becca Lalonde

Scooters are pretty much the mode of transport du jour for the school run in our neck of the woods. It certainly makes the journey quicker and easier although I occasionally do feel a bit sorry for the unlucky pedestrian who has to be pretty nimble on their feet to avoid being mown down by a horde of determined 5 year olds (they did do scooter training at the school this week so hopefully that'll be a less frequent occurance)

An consequence of this is that our school certainly doesn't have enough storage to cope with all the scooters that get ridden in on a daily basis. The big metal scooter racks are a tangle mess of decks and there just aren't enough slots for everyone.

So it's been Scooterpeg to the rescue at a primary school in SW London this week where they've installed a whole wall of pegs to solve the problem. By keeping them on the wall, not only does it keep them tidily out of the way, stopping them rolling around, but it frees up all that precious playground space so the kids can make use of every last square inch of playspace rather than it being given to sheds and rack.

row upon row of scooterpegs

Plus, we think they look pretty damn awesome with all those scooters hung on them too. It's almost a work of art!



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